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#FightCOVID19 Seminar 26.02.2020 Finnish tourism to battle coronavirus 1/3

A battle cry to fight the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

As of today, it is already clear that the year 2020 will be an unforgettable year for the travel industry. Starting from mid-January the global travel business has been heavily impacted by the outbreak of the new COVID-19 virus a.k.a “coronavirus”.

According to a study conducted by Business Finland (published 18.02.20), approximately half of the business managers are expecting to see some effect and a third are expecting a negative or very negative effect to their business caused by the outbreak. 

We’re all aware of the shadow the situation has cast over the travel business in Finland. But the travel industry businesses can fight back and survive, even thrive and find new business models and revenue models if we innovate new business – ask yourself: Do you want to make money or sense? 

Join us in the battle

We would like to invite our industrial colleagues and media to join us for an admission-free seminar to discuss first-hand information regarding the impact of the outbreak, following effects to the Finnish travel industry, near-future trends, and how to turn this “crisis” into an opportunity! Just as every coin has two sides, while we are waiting for the situation and travel market to recover, there is no better time than now to innovate new solutions and to prepare for the new rise of the Chinese Market after the battle against the COVID-19 epidemic has been won. 

The seminar will be topped off with a panel discussion by key Industry players providing insights from different viewpoints of the Industry to get an overview of the current state and future plans. 

Why is this important? 

  • Broad business effect  and loss of income for entrepreneurs and businesses in Finland across the country, especially Lapland and the capital area (source Business Finland) 
  • China is one of the biggest incoming target groups for Finnish tourism and until recently the Chinese travel in Finland was expected to grow 4% annually (source VisitFinland) 
  • The travel industry is the third biggest service industry in Finland. The current size of the travel market 15mrd annually (source Matkatilinpito, Tilastokeskus) 


12:30 – 13:00 Registration 


First-hand insights,  what is going on in China? – Answers from Industry leaders in China 

Key Chinese tourism experts were invited to tell us via video first-hand information on how the coronavirus has affected the tourism industry, how they forecast the future. The speakers represent Industry leader organizations in the traditional series group travelling, educational travel, MICE, and FITs travel sectors. 


The effects of the outbreak on the tourism industry in Finland 

Have a closer look at the current tourism data in Finland which is affected by COVID-19 in different industries. 

14:20-14:40 Coffee break


Turning crisis into opportunity

A crisis is a blessing in disguise – true survival story of Aikamatkat Oy by Mikko Koistinen Chairman of the board, Tampere


Future scenarios and solutions to adopt for your business 

Future scenarios and predictions: which part of the Chinese travel market will recover first and concrete solution models as the mobile-first approach, service innovation, and design. Ideas on how to prepare your business to be ready for the rebound. 

15:40-16:10 Panel discussion 

  • Teemu Ahola, VisitFinland, Account Manager, Asia
  • Minna-Mari Harmaala, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Principal Lecturer,
  • Xiang Zhang, Sales Expert on Incoming Tourism 
  • Mikko Koistinen, Aikamatkat Oy, Chairman of the Board 

16:10 → Q&A and free mingling 


More information and comments: 

    • Maija Ojanperä, Head of Communications, Timetravels Incoming & TAO Travel Advisory +358 50 385 8020 

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FightCovid-19 Seminar 1/3

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