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Welcome to the northernmost region of Finland, Lapland, above the Arctic Circle. In Lapland experiences which make you feel like you never felt before and which speak to all your senses are not hard to come by. One-of-a-kind weather conditions and the silent power of nature provide a wonderful platform for making lifelong memories and experiencing what extremes mean. You are in for an adventure of a lifetime!


Lapland truly is as close as reality gets to those who dream of a winter wonderland.
Lapland offers you lots of possibilities to get yourself acquainted with nature, winter and
snow activities. For a traveller, the beauty of visiting Lapland is the rugged beauty
and silence of the snow-covered nature.

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About Lapland

Finnish Lapland area covers the whole Northern part of Finland. The Lapland region is 100,367 km², which consists of 92,667 km² of dry land, 6,316 km² fresh water and 1,383 km² of sea areas. The largest lake is Lake Inari. Permanent snow cover comes between mid-October and end of November. The winter season is long, approximately seven months. The snow coverage is usually thickest in early February. Lapland is the home of about 3.4% of Finland’s population and is by far the least densely populated area in the country. You are always just minutes away from the peace and quiet of the snow-covered wilderness.

Lapland resorts

Rovaniemi is the capital of Finnish Lapland and the hometown of Santa Claus. 
Rovaniemi provides modern services and lots of 
activities year round. Other popular Lapland destinations include: Levi, Saariselkä, Ylläs and Pyhä, to mention few. Saariselkä–Ivalo–Inari area is Europe’s northernmost holiday resort where travellers can experience the mystery of Lappish culture. Saariselkä resort is popular among couples and families due to the relaxing and authentic atmosphere of the small resort – whereas Levi is more of a party destination in comparison.

Example tours to Lapland

7 Day


Destination Saariselkä locates 260 kilometres beyond the Arctic Circle, beside the UKK National park. Enjoy a variety of winter fun, learn more about the life and culture of the North, meet the Santa and reindeers and – if you dare – swim in the Arctic Ocean. In addition to great selection of snow activities and safaris, Saariselkä provides you outstanding possibilities to see the Northern Lights!

Starting from 399€*

7 Day


Destination Vasatokka locates about 300 kilometres beyond the Arctic Circle, beside the beautiful fell region. As you probably know, the best place to spot the Aurora Borealis in Finland is in the Northernmost Lapland. The ultimate one-week road trip will take you to the legendary youth center Vasatokka, 300 km beyond the Arctic Circle and all the way up to the shores of the Arctic Ocean!

Starting from 409€*



Experience the best of what Lapland has to offer! For example, combine different Lapland destinations with northern Norway destinations for an unforgettable experience. Let us know what your ideal tour would look like and we will recommend the best combination of destinations for you to get the most out of the tour. Include special features to your tours such as spending the night under the starlit sky in an igloo or a day tour to King Crab capital of Norway, Kirkenes.

Lapland destinations

Saariselkä is located 260 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Incredible landscapes over fells opening from the Kaunispää hill to the Urho Kekkonen National Parks and down to the idyllic village of Saariselkä has always fascinated travellers. Saariselkä is the host for the northernmost Ski Resort in Europe and is known for its authentic Lappish atmosphere and great outdoor activities.

Saariselkä is a great destination for any traveller with a vast variety of options for both accommodation and activities.
Vasatokka is a charming and secluded resort located in the heart of Northern Lapland’s amazing Inari countryside and ancient Sámi culture. Arctic hills, magic rivers and crystal clear waters topped off with the local easy-going lifestyle will leave its mark on you for a lifetime.

Vasatokka is a great place for especially for Youth and Study tours, providing a safe and nurturing operating environment for young people to experience, learn, and have adventures that encourage personal growth.
Levi is one of the most advanced resort destinations in Lapland, right after Rovaniemi the capital of Lapland. In Levi, you can still find the peace, pureness and unique natural environment of Lapland but also enjoy easy access to all services. Levi provides a great range of services in terms of accommodation options, restaurants, services, outdoor activities, nightlife and shopping.

Levi is an ideal destination to student, youth and budget travellers as well as private groups.
Ruka Kuusamo resort is located North of Finland on the border of Lapland. Ruka has been awarded the title of ``the best Ski resort in Finland`` four times. Ruka's goal is to be the world’s best ski resort for the families and skiing beginners, which most of the international guests represent. In addition to the slopes the diversity of the area and the unique natural beauty of Kuusamo, are the biggest attractions for the international guests.

Ruka is a great destination for especially MICE, leisure and premium tours.

Home to the country’s highest fells, untouched wilderness as well as glassy lakes and ponds, Kilpisjärvi offers landscapes which you would never have thought you could find in Finland. Kilpisjärvi is a village of only under one hundred permanent residents but attracts travellers throughout the year.

Kilpisjärvi is our newest Lapland destination but it has already earned a special place in our heart. Currently, Kilpisjärvi is the choice of destination mainly for budget and youth travellers.
Experience all the most thrilling safaris that Lapland has to offer! Spend the night under the starlit sky in an igloo, feel the thrill of driving a husky-pulled sledge and witness the amazing light show
put on by Mother Nature, Aurora Borealis, the Northern lights. You can pick and choose the adventures to include in your tailor-made itinerary or even add multiple destinations to our tour.

Let us know what your ideal tour would look like - and we will recommend you the best combination of destinations for you to get the most out of the tour.

Lapland activity and day tour highlights


Seated comfortably with a friend in a reindeer-pulled sleigh, you are taken on a ride in style. In this activity, you are not only going to meet the reindeer but you are also getting an inside view into the lifestyle of the indigenous culture of Lapland, the Sámi people. Try the choice of transportation by Santa Claus.


Take a snowmobile through the nocturnal snow-covered forest, far away from the residential areas and the light pollution, up to the silent snowy fells. Snowmobiles are convenient means of transport beyond the Arctic Circle. Locals use them anywhere from going to a grocery store to paying a visit to a friend who lives behind the hill.


A one-day bus tour during which you’ll not only experience breathtaking landscapes, walk on the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Norway and even swim in it, but get to visit the picturesque fishermen’s village of Bugøynes. you’ll also get the chance to taste traditional soup in a local restaurant. This should be on your bucket list!


Apart from being Finland’s national sport, cross-country skiing is also a lot of fun. Our guide will prime you in the basic skiing techniques, the same ones all Finns are taught in school. When you get a hang of the sport you’ll be off striding and gliding along the best and most beautiful cross-country ski trails in the world. Feel like a true Finn!


Huskies are cheerful and strong dogs who really love to pull the sledge! After a brief instruction lesson, the Huskies will take you for a tour through the snowy landscapes. The sledges are shared by two people, each will drive the sledge for about 5km. You will be driving the sledge pulled by eager dogs that are semi-domesticated wild animals – what a thrill!


The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is an amazing show put on by Mother Nature and only visible on the edges of the world. When you want to maximize your chances to see the most incredible Auroras possible, the Aurora Hunt is the activity for you. We will be hunting for the best spots to enjoy and photograph this unique light show.


No one should leave Finland without experiencing the dry heat of a traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna and then jumping into ice-cold water. Several studies show that there are various health benefits connected with sauna and ice swimming. Now you have a chance to experience first hand how it feels when blood is rushing through the veins. You will enjoy it for sure!


Prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime! This full day tour takes you to Norway and the village of Kirkenes – the King Crab capital of Norway! The village is located in the extreme North-eastern part of Norway near the Russian–Norwegian border – about 400 km (240 miles) north of the Arctic Circle. Fresh King crab meal included.


Experienced guides makes sure you conquer even the steepest of hills and enjoy what the National Park has to offer. This is a great chance to challenge yourself and to experience something to reminisce even after years. The unique feeling of the North, the magic of Lapland, can definitely be felt when walking deep in the forests and fells. You will enjoy it for sure.

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Group travel is a sociable, memorable, cost-efficient way to explore the world. Timetravels has been organising tours to the North since 2006, so we really know how to make the tour hassle-free. While we take care of planning, booking, organising and unlocking special discounts, our guests' responsibilities include, but are not limited to: having a great time, going to places they have never been before, learning new things and enjoying amazing activities with fellow travellers.
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