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More time to travel

Timetravels was built on the idea of creating once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences for travellers around the world that want to explore the Nordics. International travel can change your life, help you develop lifelong relationships and partnerships, build incredible team spirit, and provide education, unlike anything you’ll experience in your everyday life.

The way we see it is that travelling is a form of time travelling – memories and experiences last forever and you can always travel back to the happy memories of your travels. Travels are the one form of happiness you can buy. The name Timetravels also refers to the idea of “more time to travel”, as while we take care of planning, booking and organising – our guests’ responsibility is simply to enjoy the ride, live in the moment and focus on what is important; amazing experiences.

Trusted and experienced partner

Timetravels is a trusted cooperation partner by many organisations.  Timetravels has been credited the title of “one of the strongest companies in Finland” several years in a row, reached the highest level of creditworthiness in Finland – the AAA-level, and been chosen as the one and only official Experience Travel Partner of the Santa Claus. We are also a proud member of WYSE Travel Confederation – with expert knowledge of youth, student and educational travel.

Our team consists of Travel planner professionals with a passion for making the tours seamless and memorable! You can trust our team to take care of every detail and every guest with the highest standards of customer service attitude in mind.



Timetravels is a Finnish tour operator that specialises in “experience travel” to Northern Lapland and Northwest Russia. Besides our scheduled departures we also offer tailored group tours to the most exciting places across in the Nordic area. All Timetravels destinations are run by dedicated teams.




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